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Canadian Taxpayers Federation slams proposed $10 million payout to Omar Khadr — 30 Comments

  1. He was tortured into saying that. Witnesses have spoken out saying he was a bystander from what I have read. I wish the full story was published before asking people’s on just a vague attention seeking headline. The general public does not Google before spewing.

  2. Canadian Government stood down while a (minor, therefore, not legally able to give consent) citizen of this country was tortured to extract a confession which is. affording to the SCofC, invalid. The child soldier was first taken to a war zone by his extremist father, indoctrinated there at 15. He was never positively ID’ed as the killer of the American soldier who was was of the age of consent to be in a war zone as a soldier. This was never considered a war crime until Bush changed the game with 9/11. He further was permanently injured by the torture methods used in Gitmo and where ever he was taken in theatre for detention (Abu Dabi?). The trauma of war causes grown men to be broken. Imagine seeing the world blow up around you, your “friends” reduced to grotesque images that he will dwell on for the rest of his life. Yes, I think the Court delivered Justice in this case.

  3. Also, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is a extreme right wing propaganda tool for Mainstream Media to promote austerity for us and destruction for our environment. Much like the Fraser Institute. The last Director Jordan Bateman, is now heading a push to continue with Site C Dam, at our and our grandchildrens expense. Think about that.

  4. He was a child soldier who, after being wounded, threw a grenade in a firefight. Yes, an American soldier died. The Geneva Convention is unambiguous; he was 15 at the time, he was a child soldier despite what many people want to say. The US ignored the Canadian Embassy’s position that he required specific treatment due to his age. It took until 2008, six years after he was incarcerated at Gitmo, before anyone even raised that issue with the US Justice Department.

    His undeniable status as a child soldier aside he was declared an enemy combatant, not an unlawful enemy combatant. That’s an important distinction, because you don’t send enemy soldiers to prison and try them for murder. Despite being declared an enemy combatant, he was charged with murder by an unprivileged combatant – which means he was charged as an unlawful combatant despite having been classified otherwise.

    The hearings were such a farce that a U.S. Marine Lt. Colonel, an attorney, resigned his commission over them. Not some far-left liberal ACLU lawyer, a U.S. Marine. Think about that.

    Was he a terrorist? I don’t think he was. He wasn’t fighting on Canadian or US soil, he wasn’t targeting civilians, he wasn’t a suicide bomber. Did he commit treason? I don’t think so, he didn’t attack Canadians. On the flip side, he was in Afghanistan and so could not claim to be fighting in defense of his parent’s homeland either.

    I don’t know if he deserves 10 million dollars. I know he didn’t deserve to be brought to Afghanistan and I know he assuredly did not deserve what happened to him afterward.

  5. An apology for treatment at Gitmo as a minor…absolutely. $10 Million dollars – are you insane? If he has ties to terrorist organizations, Canada has now funded who knows how many attacks at the cost of how many lives? This PM has to BE REMOVED from office ASAP! YESTERDAY WAS TOO LATE!

  6. There is an excellent film about Omar Khadr in the Awareness Film Night DVD rental library at A Sea of Bloom on Otter Point Road. It is called “Guantanamo’s Child”. Well worth watching no matter where you stand on this issue.

  7. I believe he should be free as he was a child and I believe, brainwashed into fighting. However, I do not feel he should be paid for what he did nor what was done to him. He fought in a war where many were killed and murdered. No money should be paid.

  8. He shouldn’t get the money and should still be in guantanamo. HE KNEW FULL WELL who he murdered and why he did it….these types are raised to be terrorists and that is EXACTLY what he is.

  9. “The deprivation of [Khadr’s] right to liberty and security of the person is not in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice,” the Supreme Court of Canada.

    The irresponsible and truly offensive stance of the four or five people who are the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, a well-known shill for the Reform Party’s “Conservative Party” previously led by Jason Kenney, could have been argued for Omar Khadr’s deceased father who coerced a child into taking up arms in an act of war. But not the child, even though a child soldier.

    Captured on a battlefield Omar Khadr should have been treated as a POW, instead he was interned, coerced into a false confession after torture and neither the Liberals or, the thoroughly discredited and dishonourable, CPC did what was necessary to bring about his release.

    Every other western nation whose citizen’s had been detained at Gitmo sought their release. So should have we.

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