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CHEK Video: Sooke residents want safety changes to Highway 14 — 22 Comments

  1. Good to see Stu Young standing up for Sooke I keep forgetting dose Sooke have a mayor and yes there is a need for a better road

  2. Ideally a new road would be great, but would settle for major improvements to improve safety and traffic flow. A big thank you to Mayor Stew Young for supporting this issue, he’s been able to get major infrastructure work done in Langford for many years and continues to do so. He is not one to be ignored and has a good track record at getting things done, especially when Langford benefits. An improved road or better yet, a alternate road to Sooke would ultimately lead to Sooke’s growth and a larger customer base for Langford’s businesses.

  3. The cost analysis of current and projected accidents, along with population growth will be the deciding factor in highway upgrade or second road,

  4. Hello! Climate Change reduce emissions! How about light rapid transit or something similar. Money much better spent than adding to the road. Also the fire could have been avoided by going Kangaroo Road to Sooke Road. There is a need for more information signs letting people know if the road is closed ahead.

  5. It took me 4 years and a e-mail a week to get work done in the Luxton area. !6 houses flood,everytime it rains due to to improper building of 14. We have two schools in the area and a few children have been killed on this road. There are at least one accident a week on this road…..we have to keep the pressure on.