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Christy Clark resigns as Leader of the Liberals, and as MLA — 45 Comments

  1. Like her and agree with her policies or not, she was a fierce leader.

    She never let the constant criticism of her break her down (remember the cleavage drama in the early days?), she always stood behind her controversial decisions and didn’t waiver just to gain support, and she was a strong speaker.

    I admire those things in a politician (when balanced) – but it is time for her to let someone else take the reigns, and hopefully unite and refocus the Liberals.

    • Uhm, her recent throne speech was the complete opposite of what she ran on, all in an effort to keep power… that’s not standing up for her convictions.

    • I’m entitled to my opinion, thank you, and you can have yours. Yes the recent throne speech was a disaster, and who knows what the push was behind the turn in policy. But she spent a number of years in government before that, and I am allowed to reflect on the whole picture.

    • Katie McLaughlin who knows what was behind the turn in policy that led to the throne speech? I’m sorry Katie, but seriously? Do you have an alternate explanation other than “last desperate attempt to hold onto power”?

    • Harrison Lansing – there is an entire cabinet and caucus behind her. Surely it wasn’t just Clarke making the decisions. And I did say that it was a disaster.

    • Not a fan of the BC Liberal policies & governance, but I agree in this world of women having to ‘out bitch’ men to stay in power positions she held her ground with dignity, kept smiling & was a strong leader & I too respect her for that, but not a fan of her governance. I don’t think we have to fail to recognise a person’s strengths just because they did not win our votes or confidence. Nothing is that black & white, well…except maybe Hitler & Trump…LOL!

    • Guess the same can be said about the spineless Green leader making a bed with the enemy.
      Christy was a good leader. Her throne speech was her attempt to show BC that even when she agreed to do what the NDP want to do…Horgan was quick to go against her and the policies HE wants to bring in. BC is DOOMED with Horgan and the Green party weasel!

    • Teresa Diane Lynde I don’t agree with her policies at all, but do agree that she held her own with real dignity on a number of occasions; Unfortunately her constant smile made her look like an idiot when discussing really serious issues, like the fentanyl crisis for one.

    • Yeah… a fierce leader who destroyed the lives of teachers, First Nations communities, differently abled people, children, people living in poverty, children living in poverty, people living with addiction and led a corrupt and criminal government… anyways, yes, she was a fiercely fascist leader…

    • Personally, I don’t think those groups were much better off under Campbell, or the former NDP government either. Anyway, you’re entitled to your opinion and I can have mine. Public life isn’t an easy one, couldn’t pay me enough to lead a province.

    • Yeah its so tough having to hand out millions of dollars to your LNG friends and to needlessly destroy hundreds of acres of agricultural land for a dam no one needs.

    • Not acceptable language in the House or in political debate, Dale Welguz. If we aren’t more thoughtful in political and government debate we can’t solve problems.

  2. bub bye and good riddance, thought she’d hang in til September, sore loser etc hopefully the NDP or Greens will pick up the seat chosen for her after Eby won in Point Grey where she actually lives.