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#DividedBy14: Drive attention on Hwy 14 by using this hashtag on social media — 8 Comments

    • Val Spring-Amos, make up a sign on some paper, take a pic and post it to social media then contact someone (or everyone) running for provincial office in our riding, hashtag it appropriately so it can be searched by anyone.

      If the government is to make any improvements they need to know that the community wants it. This is kind of a co-ordinated grass-roots campaign and every politician likes that!

    • Province of BC just announced new lighting system for Highway 14 today. Boy, are you ever an awesome advocate, have you posted your numbers yet?

  1. Amen to anything that gets the job done. I’ve lived in big cities and hoped to get away from the grating sounds of sirens, but I live near the Stickleback and sirens are going up the hill all the time here … every time it makes me think that someone is in trouble and that’s just not good! Obviously the highway is long overdue for an overhaul with safety in mind – lights, dividers, fire hydrants, more signs, patrol cars – c’mon, it’s so obvious! 🙂

  2. Do we have tunnel vision or what? Why not another road further north, I see one possibility on satelite on google maps from Goldstream to Milnes Landing, shorter straighter and no possibility of flooding. We have a lot of space between Victoria and Sooke, maybe we should be looking at that. Just saying

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