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Kind and mysterious contributor paints Sooke’s defaced Community Hall — 32 Comments

  1. That’s great good job but I want to know the person that did this and if he or she is a minor then the parents should get their asses kicked for not raising their children right If I ever thought of doing something like this I would get my ass kicked there is no accountability anymore a pussy generation

  2. Sooke is the best place for people stepping up and volunteering. Thank you Mr. Painter, we love our Community Hall and use it for making many wonderful things happen. Food bank, Contact for medical supplies, and community events.

  3. Wow mystery painter, thank you so much. I was watching some poor folks try and scrape off and clean up the vandalism done to the building. Makes one sick that this would happen in our little town of Sooke but also makes one feel so good to know there are folks out there like you. 🙂

  4. Sooke folks are great and thank you oh faceless one with the painting roller. Watch this site for the next painting of the rails and steps at the hall after the 2nd annual Car show at Sooke River Campground on Sunday ,from 10-2. We will set up a paint date and the Sooke Community Assoc. has purchased the paint and power washed the remainder of the hall and Brendon is taking on keeping the garden weeded at the hall. Thanks to all and a special thanks to the Sooke Food Bank, getting out there the next day scrubbing and cleaning, with their clients, keeping our hall in order. We need more of those speaking out, coming out as many hands make light work and it is wonderful to give of yourself to your community. We all benefit.

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