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Vandals deface Sooke Community Hall with senseless tags — 49 Comments

  1. So ignorant !!! But someone has to know who did this…..they’ve left there signature of sorts there ? This is when parents need to step up…was your child home or out this night ? Is any paint missing…this color maybe ?

  2. Find them, charge them and then make them paint over this. If they are young…the parents need to pay for the cost of the clean up. Shame on these hoodlums.

  3. Let’s try to keep the comments constructive folks, not judgemental. The idea of finding the culprits and having them repaint is a good one. The offer to help repaint is also a good one. My husband suggests to try lacquer thinner on a small patch. I believe the hall is sided in vinyl siding so the thinners may make the surface dull. I’ll call Karl with that suggestion.

  4. We saw this last night while we were at Mom’s Cafe. Such a shame that people do this. This community centre belongs to all of us. I’d love to see those responsible own up to their part in this, pay for the damage and clean it all up. I would add a little more hours to their punishment and have the people who run the community centre find some more jobs for them to do. Such a disgrace.

  5. Aaaaaahhhh, come on kids, you live in Sooke, you are better than this. Let’s hope it was not one/some of our Sookites. Shame to deface your home town and such an old, wonderful building as the Community Hall. Don’t you have any pride or values?????

  6. Most graffiti removal products are toxic I used to remove them from bus shelters. I’ll ask the guy that does it now what is best for removal in this situation but I know most of the time it’s matching paint in this circumstance

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