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Music series kicks off at the Sooke Harbour House this Sunday — 3 Comments

  1. It would have been nice if Sooke Harbour House had consulted its neighbours on whether we wanted music while we were meditating or having an afternoon nap or whatever.

    Music to some people just might be noise pollution to others.

    I have often wondered on why and how Sooke Harbour House has always seemed to do whatever they want to do / whenever they want to do it and at the same time completely ignore the people and their privacy that live around them.

    As usual total and complete arrogance !

  2. Sorry Mr Kowalchuck, but it is your home/property that is near a public facility not the property near your home. Enjoy the music and lighten up a little

    • It is not a public facility. It is not a SeaParc or Municipal Golf Course which are public facilities. Sooke Harbour House is a private facility owned & run by people out to make a profit.

      A pursuit of profit that shows no apparent regard or thought towards their neighbours and in doing so are infringing on peoples right to peace and quiet.

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