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Organizer’s rally for community cleanup of the Sooke Community Hall — 13 Comments

  1. Added, from Ellen Lewers: “Just a little clarification re the clean up tonight. We are going to power wash the building after the clean up and as well power wash the stairs and bannister and on Saturday 9:00 a.m. Karl will bring a couple of gallons of white paint and we will bring our paint brushes and paint the trim at the hall and give the old girl a much needed lift. We could use some gardening skills and a hoe, to weed by the front stairs on Sheilds. This is our community and I know Sooke has some of the best folks and we, together, can make this good again.”

  2. By clean up I do hope you mean “repainting” as to not waste the publics time. There is no way in hell any chemical is taking that off without damaging the paint or leaving the wall a nice shade of blue

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