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Premier Horgan announces $100 increase to income assistance and disability rates — 27 Comments

      • I’d love if the gov’t would find a job for my nephew who has schizophrenia. But in the meantime this little raise will allow him to maybe afford….nothing!

    • With respect, it would be good if you could educate yourself about the issue. The govt makes it very difficult to get on and stay on assistance or disability if you are employable. And it’s even harder to.survive on the amounts allotted. Do we want to.be a compassionate society where people are given help.or do we want people starving on our streets? I’m voting for the first option.

    • No. We want to be a society where people don’t expect handouts.

      Better yet, we want to avoid becoming a society so entitled that when the trough is topped up, still it’s not good enough and that hand is still out demanding more.

      I could find you 3 jobs in an hour but you’d only expect a fourth and go to none at all.

    • Get educated ….clearly if that’s your opinion it means nothing. Not everyone who gets help uses drugs . I hope one day you find yourself In the same boat you’re preaching about and everyone judges you. Pathetic…

    • Whether they suffer from ADHD, severe depression or (it’s usually and) work jobs that are constantly firing to hire someone for less money, saying people who collect welfare or disability are cheating the system is just something people believe to help them sleep at night, knowing they couldn’t get through two weeks much less a month on that kind of money.

  1. $100 is better than I kick in the seat, and I believe many low income people could make a lot of meals with it, because if there is one thing low income does is make a person frugal! There are many low income people better with money than our gov’t ( none would take the poverty challenge) is/was/ we will see.

  2. Yes, that can make a good difference! Good plan, John Horgan!


    How about at least putting some consideration into eliminating the section A recipients.
    And making Income Assistance for only people eligible as PPMB, single parents, and seniors.

    And the money saved can be put into subsidized-wage programs and other employment programs for youth, single parents, and people with disabilities.
    And a bit more daycare subsidy for working single-parents.
    And stronger Family Maintenance payment enforcement.

    That’s my two bits…..


  3. drug dealers, liquor stores, pubs, and cigarette manufacturers just received a cost of living increase along with the person that truly needs the assistance. I guess we will never know the percentage of people that will actually put that money into food, shelter, or clothing. I am hoping it is the majority. Transparency in where the money actually goes will become more important to people when their personal tax rate is increased to pay for it. The NDP and Green coalition government doesn’t seem to be interested in generating business revenue.

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