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Sooke resident charged with animal cruelty in dog’s death — 22 Comments

  1. “”We’re allowing those things to slip away, Ney said. “”We have to go back to good old Christian morality of ‘love your neighbour as well as yourself’ … and get away from the narcissism of everyone demanding the rights of the individual and people not caring for one another.””

    But being Christian doesn’t include the animals I guess….

  2. This whole story makes me sick at heart. Whatever the punishment it will never be harsh enough. This Dr. of Psychiatry has a very sick mind.

  3. I agree with Skylar he was a horrible psychiatrist. I saw him 3 times. On the 3rd time he told me I was living a F’ing boring life. Left the office in tears. Never felt comfortable with him.

    His treatment of Star is unbelievable disgusting. She wasn’t a pet. Star was a puppy mill. Ney I think did it for the money which doesn’t make sense. Being a Dr. he had $$$. The whole thing is rotten. Throw the book at him.

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