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Watch out for motorcyclists, urges ICBC — 9 Comments

  1. I’ll say the same thing here as I did on another news site yesterday. Every single person who drives on the road has a responsibility for road safety, that includes motorcyclists. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had a motorcycle so close to my bumper that I can’t even see the vehicle, or how many times I’ve had a motorcycle cut in front of me and immediately swerve between lanes, or come up on the shoulder.

    There are irresponsible drivers all over, and they drive trucks, motorcycles, SUV’s, cars, scooters, and bikes. Yes we can definitely watch out for motorbikes – but that’s not going to help if that driver isn’t being responsible for his/her own safety too.

  2. Theres people in cars thay drive like assholes, and theres people on bikes that drive like assholes. It’s an even 50/50. Everyone needs to watch out for each other period..

    • And I watched a guy in a Dodge RAM pass a logging truck at about 100km/h on the bridge by the Castle….what’s your point? That you’re NOT going to watch out for the vast majority of law-obeying human beings on two wheeled vehicles?

  3. For those of you shitting on motorcyclists, maybe you should actually click the link and read some of the REAL information rather than deciding you have a hate on for ALL motorcyclists due to a few negative interactions you’ve had. Here, I’ll help you:

    “The top contributing factors for drivers who hit motorcycles are distraction/inattention, failing to yield right-of-way and improper turning.”

    That’s right…ALL factors where the car driver was to blame.

    When you have a negative interaction with someone driving a car on the road, why do you not paint ALL “car drivers” as idiots/assholes, the same way that you do with a “motorcyclist”? Why do so many car drivers get passed by a motorbike and conclude that all motorcyclists are assholes or irresponsible?

    The ones behaving poorly stand out. The ones behaving legally, well……you don’t notice. And that’s both WHY you think motorcyclists are assholes (because you’re not even seeing the majority), and also WHY so many car drivers cut off motorcyclists, drive into their lanes, and cut in front of them in intersections.

    The worst culprits on the road are by FAR and away those in cars. Cellphone use is absolutely rampant. You see it even more from on a bike, and it’s NOT just young people. Every demographic, no one is paying attention. You know what people on a bike AREN’T doing? Texting and driving. You know what they ARE doing? Paying attention, because our lives depend on it when we’re surrounded by 4000lb tanks whose drivers are checking their fucking facebook feed.

    • Not to mention, but Sooke Road has to be the worse for people crossing the yellow line on left hand bends. It’s so bad that if they were to pupt up a divider I’m sure that there would be a lot of Sooke vehicles all scraped up on the driver’s side.